Past Exhibitions

Quarry Arts Gasconade

Quarry Fires Members

Wed 16th Dec 2015 until
Wed 6th Jan 2016

Members Exhibition and End of Year Hurrah! A chance to see what the Quarry Arts Community is all about.


Te Kowhai Print Trust

Wed 18th Nov 2015 until
Thu 26th Nov 2015

Prints created at The Steam Roller Printapalooza large scale printmaking extravaganza!

Celebrating the History of a Building

Group Show

Thu 5th Nov 2015 until
Fri 13th Nov 2015

The Yvonne Rust Gallery will be showcasing work in honor of The Dungeon, with an exhibition that celebrates the Quarry’s history and its future.


Students of Lena Zankl taking Classes at The Quarry Arts Centre

Thu 26th Nov 2015 until
Tue 1st Dec 2015

Teens Art Exhibition

Inside Out

Stacy Morrison & Faye Garlick

Thu 15th Oct 2015 until
Tue 3rd Nov 2015

Stacy Morrison & Faye Garlick

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