Authentic Beauty

Averil Lewis-Roberts, Olivia Mitten, Bridget Ross, Fleur Mitchell

Fri 15th Sep 2017 until
Tue 26th Sep 2017

About the Exhibition

‘Authentic Beauty’ brings together the work of four local artists. Using various media, these women explore and react to the beauty that surrounds us – in the environment, in personal experience, through the passage of time.

Olivia Mitten: acrylic on canvas paintings, screen, woodblock and solarplate prints and ceramics

My artwork draws on Maori, Mexican and tattoo art and the landscape, plants and animals of Aotearoa. I am inspired by people’s resilience, the ability to heal, regenerate and come out stronger. My work explores the themes and symbols around beginnings and endings and celebrates the beauty of how experience marks us.

Bridget Ross: photography

I’ve always enjoyed painting.  I can’t really draw, so got into abstract art instead. I come from a family of very talented artists and wanted to be one of them!  I borrowed a digital camera about nine years ago to take photos on my honeymoon.  Since then  I’ve had a passion for photography.  I have developed  a keen interest in photographing nature, from a small mushroom growing off a tree to a mountain with great skies.  This is the first public exhibition of my photographs.

Fleur Mitchell: acrylic/ watercolour paintings, raranga/flax weaving

Kingtsugi, the art of finding beauty within imperfections and brokenness.  My personal celebration of life and beauty without perfection.  I am exploring my relationship with my environment through visual play, and expressing myself through painted images and flax weaving.  I love the diverse beauty of nature and find inspiration from flora, fauna and spatial dimension.

Averil Lewis-Roberts: acrylic and oils on canvas and screens

Averil is a New Zealand painter and teacher who works in response to the environment, and to her concerns for environmental restoration and respect for both the land and the marine environment.   Her painting often reflects her connection with her Northland rural and coastal heritage. She works on a range of surfaces to create screens and canvases.  Her mark-making is gestural and expressive.  Her landscape themes are often aerial as if flying without wings.