Life is Rosy & Rich

Sat 6th May 2017 until
Tue 30th May 2017

About the Exhibition

Rosie Parsonson & Richard Darbyshire proudly present:

‘Life is Rosy & Rich’ with adult friends.

This exhibition will feature a combination of ceramics, paintings and prints by two of the Quarry Arts Center’s professional and cherished contemporary artists. They are Rosie Parsonson & Richard Darbyshire. The exhibition will also feature collaborations with artists Amorangi Hikuroa, Hamish O.B, Strathan Clarke, Hayley Clarke & Peggy Yates.

Rich Darbyshire

Rich is a socially motivated informed slightly angry artist.

He believes in art as a catalyst for conversation, a prompt/reminder, even artifact of our times.

Though his work has been described as brutal, he brings a boyish fun element to his art practice and tries to mind his manners.

This often results in work played out in traditionally claimed manner with a really heavy message behind his craft.

Contemporary conversation meets history because history repeats it’s self because we forget.

On point politically and socially Rich has been working toward a meaningful career in the arts for 43 years as a maker and a facilitator.

Now with a massive student loan, four different art schools, two diplomas, a BAA and Post Grad study under his belt, he feels he might be getting somewhere.

Darbyshire has been sharing on his knowledge and skills for the last 10 years as a ceramics and painting tutor/technician at Hungry Creek Art and Craft School.

And he also spends a fair bit of his time at the Quarry Arts centre getting involved.

Rosie Parsonson

Lying somewhere between the simplest of animal natures and those most sophisticated, multi layered social constructs of humanity we find ourselves in, Rosie’s work engages viewer’s emotions through power plays in body language, and figurative outward displays of inward thoughts and feelings.

Her work can also tickle our deeper darker conversations (maybe the ones we don’t even want to have with ourselves).

It would be a mistake to take this work at a surface level………

……. As deep as you go with it Rosie has probably been there. If she hasn’t she is not far behind you, or she is standing at the top of the hole you just went down laughing.

‘Farmed, tamed or wild, we are all animals.’

Rosie Parsonson has built on her arts diploma and BAA and is working as an artist in Northland.

Her mediums include but are not limited to painting, printmaking and drawing.