‘From EARTH Through FIRE’, Pete Brammer & Julie Cromwell

Pete Brammer and Julie Cromwell

Fri 10th Nov 2017 until
Tue 28th Nov 2017

About the Exhibition

This exhibition brings together two artists working in two media – metal worker Pete Brammer and ceramicist Julie Cromwell – in their first joint exhibition, despite living together and supporting each other’s work for over 18 years.

Form is the focus of the exhibition, and the primordial elements of earth and fire connect these two artist’s mediums, separately and sometimes in combined work. Peter’s work explores form through steel. His complex structures appear simple and symbolic. Reflections and influences show the respect of subtle rhythms and elements in life as they are in nature.   Connections are made with traditional methods of blacksmithing and more contemporary welding processes. Through the systematic discipline and devotion of throwing clay, Julie investigates form, process and multiples. Life challenges and lived experiences are felt in the rhythmical expression of the vessels, along with referencing the traditional nature of the medium. Methods of firing and glazing enhance the bodies of the pieces and accentuate the anthropomorphic nature of the forms.