Play of Light

Sheryl O Gorman

Fri 27th Oct 2017 until
Tue 7th Nov 2017

About the Exhibition

Play of Light

By Sheryl OGorman.

Play of light is an exhibition by painter Sheryl OGorman. Having always been influenced by the part light plays in art, this exhibition pushes the boundaries from not just representing light in a painting but actively seeking and encouraging a means for which it, and the viewer, can become part of the painting.

There are two bodies of work included in this exhibition. The first is a set of large scale abstract works in which heavily glossed surfaces interact with the light exposed to them. How the painting is seen, and the effects of the light on the textured surface is dependent on where the viewer is in relation to the work and light upon it.

The second body of work follows on from the first. Intrigued by the reflections on the painted surfaces, Sheryl began to explore the ambiguity and mystery of the reflected images. Figures are depicted ambiguously as they merge with the painted layers like reflections on water.

This exhibition is well worth a visit not only for the diversity and quality of painting in both figurative and abstract forms, but also through the encouraged viewer participation. The artist invites the viewer to use a camera provided to photograph themselves within the painting and therefore create material and new subjects matter for future work.

“If a painting is made to be seen, the viewer is as important as the painter. The gloss surface allows the viewer to become a part of the subject in the form of a dynamic reflection. The space the painting occupies, and the objects in that space are also reflected back by the effects of light, and become another aspect of the subject”. Sheryl OGorman 2017

@ The Yvonne Rust Gallery, Quarry Arts Centre, 21 Selwyn Ave

Opening Thursday 26th October

Exhibition runs Friday 27th October – Tuesday 7th November

Gallery open hours:

Monday to Friday 9.30am – 4.30pm

Saturday 9.30am – 3.30pm

Exhibition Opening:
Thursday 26th Oct 2017, 5.00pm