Jo Porter

"I've worked in Whangarei and Northland New Zealand for 15 years. In that time I've created many pieces both large and small"

Whakairo rakau is the Maori art of woodcarving has been a cultural vessel for centuries. The unique designs, and patterns and their meanings tell the tales of Maori history.


Apprenticed to Allan Nopera (Ngati Whatua/Ngati Kahu) In Auckland, from there he went to Hikurangi in Whangarei with a view to learn under a new Kaiako (teacher) and I hoped my new journey would facilitate my teaching  new apprentices.

I met Peter Kraus, who eventually became my sponsor for a year.  In 2007, Peter asked me to return to the Purerua peninsular in Kerikeri (Ngati Rehia) where I executed a Tane Te waiora from a 4.5m macrocarpa stump.

Using Whangarei as a base for 15 years, my connections led me to Shane Whatarau (Ngati Hau) where I gained immense knowledge through working with Shane and carving his Whare Tupuna (ancestral meeting house).