Monika Ruschke

“The substance is invisible”

Since 1999, Monika has been a free-lance artist creating both painting and sculptures.

A trained Photographer, Monika studied at Berlin College of the Arts (today Berlin University of the Arts) and finished with an academic degree in printmaking.

As a child she had already begun drawing, painting and delving into little physiques  projects, wondering what is beyond the physical appearance. Her curiosity and ongoing questioning of this, never left her. In search of answers, she studied Mathematics and Physics, but went her own way again two years later when she discovered metaphysics and the strong connection between geometry and art.

Inspired by metaphysics as well as vortex based maths, her paintings and sculptures are thought of as space – spirit; as a world beyond the physical. Her aim is to inspire the observer to new viewpoints – to feel with the heart.