Phil Buffett-McKibbin

Long time illustrator and fine art painter, Phillip continues to explore landscape and the effects that it's colour, form and history has on him as an artist.

Using classic painting and drawing methods, Phil’s work encompasses many feelings and histories. Translating texture and perspective into his own personal visions, Phil’s works tell his story whilst also leading the viewer on their own journey.

After working as a graphic designer in Auckland and London,Philip McKibbin studied art history, painting and printmaking at Auckland University, Elam School of Art, in the late 1970’s. Graduating MFA in 1983, McKibbin pursued a career of teaching and graphic design that has included working for Ogilvy and Mather Ltd,Auckland City Gallery, Auckland Society of Arts Art School and University of Auckland at Manukau School of Visual Arts.

Currently working on painting projects and as a drawing tutor, Philip McKibbin is an advocate of craft skills and values that support the tonal range of handmade. In the 21st century, a handmade approach gives his paintings an out of world context. The viewer’s sight and meaning is not a cerebral colonisation. There is no indication of how the land should be thought of, rather the audience is given an experience of time, detail and texture revealed through layers of paint. His carefully rendered oil paintings have a muted tonal range that removes them from the immediate reality provided by photography. They become instead a detailed personal record of time and experience of place.