Rebecca Cunliffe

I see the world as such as beautiful place and our lives as a journey of self-expression.

Rebecca was born in the UK back in the 80’s into a military family. Since then she has spent many years voyaging and escaping normality. She currently uses her studio at the Quarry as a base for creative operations. Her painting, writing, photography and massage materials would get rather damp at her home if she didn’t, as she lives on an old Polynesian style Catamaran with her partner, daughter, two sausage dogs and a cat called Min-Min.

What she says about her art:

Photography has long been my stable friend but after realising the world as I see it could not totally be captured solely through my lens I turned to painting and writing to expand my expression. Since then, each and every painting I have done feels like a large part of me talking. I found myself experimenting with form and colour which over the years has depicted my journey through sadness, depression, hopefulness and peace.

My writing on the other hand has been an opportunity for the unreal to take form in yet another way. I enjoy throwing curve balls into a story and stretching perceptions. I sit within the science-fiction, comedy niche.

Lastly I have my Relaxation massage therapy. This is the one area where I have had formal training. It is my way of physically giving back to others. I really enjoy helping to calm the mind, body and soul of others as we are all together on this wonderful journey we call life.

I love that here at the Quarry I have such a wonderful space to continue my journey through artistic expression”


Currently Rebecca is available Wed-Sunday here at the Quarry Arts centre should you like to book a massage. Please email for an appointment.