Rosie Parsonson

Its about looking in as they look out, an exchange with a art work

Beautifully executed and nonchalantly refined Rosie’s work is an exploration of the viewer’s response to her work as much as the work itself. Her portraiture work makes eye contact as you gaze in; they look back, enchant and challenge.

From a recent exhibition at Geoff Wilson Gallery curator Vaughan Gunson describes Rosie’s work; “ human figures – male and female – that have heads of dogs, rabbits, bulls, and other animals. The success of these paintings is the body language in combination with the expressions of the animal heads. They evoke very human emotions, from ecstasy to anguish. They speak of our ‘animal desires’ and our human fragility”.

Collaborating with Richard, Rosie’s illustrations and interpretations of her painting are often also found ornamenting the surface of ceramic vessels, plates and ornamental objects.