Artist Studios

There are 16 artist studios at The Quarry Art Centre.

Studios are open to the public most days offering a vibrant insight for visitors into the art and practice of Northland artists. Our current studio holders include ceramic artists, painters, jewellers, carvers and sculptors. See below for more information about our talented Resident Artists.

If you are looking for a space to create your art, we might have just what you are looking for. If you wish to inquire about studio space available contact The Quarry Office.

1 - Change is coming watch this space…

2 - Joy & Sophie Stockwell

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3 - Kiri Peeni


3 - Reghan


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6 - Amorangi Hikuroa

Clay Artist

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7 - Axelle Faur & Peter Larsen

Painter, photographer, mixed media, installation and performance artist

Axelle works with black and white photography, acrylic painting and mixed media drawing. She creates sensual art, and invites the public to enter a space where time streches, cultural traditions mingle and the soul longs for another world where flesh and spirituality could be one.

Peter is a poet, playwright, screenwriter, performer, raconteur and head of production company “A Dubious Enterprise”. He currently writes, produces and eaches for Northland Youth Theatre and hosts the notorious “GONG” show at Butter Factory on the third Wednesday of the month.

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8 - Te Rangitu Netana

Te Rangitu Netana is a Traditional Ta Moko Artist of Ngapuhi, Ngati Wai and Te Arawa tribal descent. He has been practicing his artform for over 20 years, and is experienced in both modern machine and traditional chisel methods of tattooing.

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9 - Helen Hughes and Helen Bowness

Mosaics and Clay sculpture

Helen Hughes has a passion for working with clay and experimenting with various
forms of firing techniques and methods. She has taught primitive firing techniques in Malaysia and Europe and has exhibited widely throughout New Zealand.

Helen Bowness is an amazing mosaic artist constructing images with fragments of tile no bigger than a 10 cent coin.

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10 - More details shortly!

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11 - Andrea Hopkins, David Taylor and the Script Lounge

The Script Lounge is run by writer and director Karen Sidney who is passionate about developing the skills of local writers and filmmakers. It sometimes houses workshops and seminars and is intended as a quiet place of creativity and inspiration.

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12 - Collaborative

Textiles, paint, drawing and clay sculpture.

A group of like minded woman use Studio 12 as their hub for a variety of creative practices, including textiles, paint, drawing and clay sculpture.

13 & 14 - Jay

Carver, Musician

Jay is a carver and also makes Cigar Box Guitars from his studio at the Quarry Art Centre.

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15 - Bunker 1- Michael Francis McCarthy

Painter of Fine art Landscapes

Michaels paintings leave an unforgettable feeling in the viewer.  The processes he uses to create his paintings are highly intuitive. Using fine hard wood panels like Kauri and Rimu, and applying layers of paint, he gradually builds up his panel from a deep sienna foundation to transparent, yet luminous shadows till finally rendering his lightest oil colours in delicate glazes. With oil paint, Michael conveys his deepest inner vision through the vehicle of landscape painting, a process that begins wih nature and ends with a revealing expression of nature.

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16 - Bunker 2 - Simon Richards

Fashion design and Illustration

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