Ceramics at the Quarry

The Quarry has a long lineage of ceramic craft, fabrication and firing. Yvonne's passion to ceramic arts was the start of the Quarry Arts Centre, we honor her vision and passion by keeping ceramics at our core.

Ceramic supplies shop

The Quarry Arts Centre is now New Zealand’s supplier for Amaco products. Our shop stocks a great selection of their glaze and under glazes, low and high fire. These can be purchased from the Quarry shop or email admin@quarryarts.org for any mail orders. Our shop sells a wide range of ceramic supplies, equipment and clay.

We stock;
·         Feeney’s Raku (red, buff, white, gold)
·         Primo Clay (stoneware, terracotta, porcelain, production white)
·         Waikato Ceramics Mac’s Mud
·         Chrysanthos Glaze (user friendly premixed underglaze and glazes)
·         Hand tools (individual and in kits)
·         Stains and oxides
·         Abbots glazes can be stocked to order, as well as a variety of other tools, Orton cones, colourants and equipment.

The Quarry office is open Weekdays 9.30am to 4.30pm and Sturdays 9.30am – 3.30pm

A small range of clays are sold in the Quarry Co-op Shop on weekend, items can be left in the Co-op for pick up by prior arrangement.

Organisations and schools are welcome to set up purchase accounts.

Our friendly staff are happy to offer advice on all the clays and glazes we stock as well as some introductory tips and tricks.


Pottery facilities and equipment

We offer ceramic facilities to the community in our communal pottery room. The Pottery Room houses 2 electric kilns, pottery wheels, slab roller, bat, board, wedging tables and various other equipment and communal tools that a potter would need.

The Pottery Room is used to host our workshops and classes, as well as, being reserved almost every Tuesday for the Quarry Clay Members group. The Pottery Room is available for hire or individual use; to discuss room use or booking, or look at becoming a member, please contact our Workshop and Event Coordinator.



We have 2 electric kilns, complete with furniture and staff to assist with loading, programming and unloading. They kilns can be booked for a individuals work to be fired (with bisque or glaze firing rate) or if you just have a few pieces we can organise a shared firing dividing the cost and the space between a number of contributing potters.

Kiln bookings are managed by our Arts Coordinator.

Wood firings are permitted at the Quarry Arts Centre if they fit within out firing guidelines; these are considered by our Community Manager. The Quarry is equip with a fire brick pad suitable for above ground pit-firing, raku, or small temporary firing structures, such as; tee-pee kiln, turf-kiln, bath-tub.

Future plans

Work on our new wood fired kiln has now began! If you would like to join our dedicated team of volunteers who are helping with the rebuild, then please get in touch. We are also searching for new names so please let us know any suggestions.