Our History

The idea of the Northland Craft Trust became reality after she found the abandoned Waldron’s Quarry, tucked in Whangarei's Western Hills.

The Quarry Arts Centre has been serving the community for more than three decades by positively promoting growth in the arts; providing professional artists with studio space; running creative workshops; housing a shop, gallery and cafe; as well as being an inviting venue for community events.

The Northland Craft Trust was formalised in 1982, and the quarry bought with supportive grants. At an age when most people are thinking of retirement, Yvonne started her development programme for the site. Over time studios, workrooms, clay-making facilities, a tannery, and pottery kilns were constructed, building a community creative space.

Today, the Northland Craft Trust honours Yvonne’s vision by maintaining and developing the site while also actively promoting the arts sector in all our operations. Our ceramic lineage is as important to the Northland Craft Trust now as when Yvonne was leading clay-collecting field trips in the early 80’s. The Trust is committed to keeping ceramics at our heart, providing clay working and firing facilities accessible to the community.