Te Kowhai Print Trust

Te Kowhai Print Trust is a fine art printmaking facility unique to Whangarei. It operates as a workshop and educational facility as well as keeping a historical archive of fine art prints. With over 32 years of history the trust continues to serve as a community facility where many forms of printing are both enjoyed and encouraged.

The Print Trust has a significant Lithography facility with two presses and over twenty Lithography stones of various sizes from very large to very small. Other studio capabilities also include intaglio and relief printing with our two magnificent etching presses. Also in use for Letterpress is a 1890 Arab Printing Machine, and a number of cabinets containing lead and wood ‘movable type’ for printing pleasure.

Te Kowhai Print Trust is equipped for Lithography, Screen Printing, Etching, Woodcut, Linocut, Letterpress, Dry Point Etching, Solar Plate, Artist Bookmaking/Binding, Collograph and Monoprint.

You can find our more about Te Kowhai Print Trust’s history, workshops and venue booking at their website.