Exhibit at the Quarry

The Quarry is home to various exhibition spaces, including; The Yvonne Rust Gallery and the grounds themselves. We want to provide you with a platform to showcase, promote and distribute your art.

We make it our mission to encourage and inspire artists in Northland. With gallery programmes encompassing a diverse selection of exhibiting opportunities, we think there's something for everyone, and if there's not, we're willing to give it a try.

  • Quarry Group Shows – Our selection of public group shows throughout the year, such as “Illuminart”, “Day of the Dead” and “The Great Plate”, allow artists to submit individual themed works. With bustling openings and a huge range of work, these are your chance to interact with the local art community, get inspired and think about the next step.
  • The Yvonne Rust Gallery – Having been established back in the early 80’s, it was successfully rebuilt in 2011, and continues to provide Northland artists with a uniquely designed and situated space. We are proud to open our doors to as wide a spectrum of artists as possible and aim to give the artist the freedom they need to fulfill their creative expectations. Although this show is yours, our team is experienced in the promotion, set-up and strategy of exhibition, and are always on hand to help.
  • The Rust Ramble – This is our outdoor gallery for the display of larger-scale pieces. The Quarry grounds, with its bubbling waterways and sprawling gardens, provide perfect backdrops for showcasing sculptures and outdoor art.