Introduction to Glazing – June

Sat 24th Jun 2017 until
Sat 24th Jun 2017

In this introduction we will provide you with a selection of our liquid Amaco glazes so you can try out different application techniques onto bisqued clay. These will include brushing, dipping and layering. Bring any of your own bisque fired work along or choose from a selection we have available.

This is a great opportunity for the experimental. Glaze ingredient behave in different ways if layered and used in combination or applied in different thicknesses. This can result in some really exciting and unpredictable outcomes. If you are interested in alchemy, or surface designs and textures, then this is the starting place for you.
Along with experimenting, you will be introduced to some basic glaze principles such as safe handling, good studio practice, recording your experiments and the essential use of wax resist.

What to bring:
Brushes and bisqued fired work if you have some. (we can provide if not)
Any aprons or overalls if you have, ideally plastic
What to wear:
long sleeves and trousers are recommended as are enclosed footwear.