Ceramic Hand Building – June

With Richard Darbyshire

Sat 17th Jun 2017 until
Sun 18th Jun 2017


If you are interested in sculpture work by the great modernist and constructivist movements and would like to learn the techniques to achieve them, then this this is the course for you. A great opportunity to fully engage in your own personal ambitious or technical sculpture project. Projects can be large scale garden sculpture, abstract works,  or a series of smaller works. You will learn sophisticated construction, forming and joining techniques techniques necessary for creating your very own unique project, and will work with the clay through various stages of the drying process for the desired outcome.

What to bring
To get the most out of our facilities and time with your tutor  we recommend that you come with a project in mind. Images of sculpture works that inspire you, works  favourite artists and rough sketches  will all be useful.  You don’t need a final idea, just a starting point, vague or detailed.
Bring any tools of your own but not essential as we have a good selection.

Course Outline
Day one will begin with the discussion of your project. You will look at your ideas, suss out what is possible to construct in clay, and break down your vision into the various steps, processes  and techniques required to make the whole.
You will then set about making the first steps of your project. Don’t be afraid! Sometimes  during the creating process the project changes. Certain techniques or your own working preferences may start to dictate the look of your project or change the direction. This is absolutely fine! This is where you find your very own personal style and our tutor will be on hand to guide you as your project develops.

By day two, your project will be beginning to take shape. You’ll have a good understanding on the direction it is going in and where you need to take it next. Allowing your work to dry out a little over night means it will be stronger to continue working on without the risk of it slumping under it’s own weight. You can also start joining elements together which will now be ‘leather hard’ so that sections will retain their form. By the end of day two you will see you vision come to life!


About Richard

Richard Darbyshire has extensive experience in art education, with over 10 years tertiary tutor experience at Hungry Creek Art & Craft School. He has engaged study at post graduate level, a degree in applied arts and two diplomas. Richard’s extensive art background and education means he is a highly skilled artist and we are lucky to have him here at The Quarry Arts Centre as one of our tutors and resident studio holders.

Richard works through a wide range of ceramic technique. From production pottery through to high end ceramic art. He uses a variety of throwing, slab work, slip casting, assemblage and hand-building techniques with a range of surface treatments and applications, from slips through to glazes in his work.

Richard’s own art practices, material, technical knowledge and tutoring experience, means he can see the aims of his students and be able to offer up the best guidance and advice to realise them.