Creative Drawing – Class 1 – Taking a line for a walk

with Linda Sabbage

Currently on until:
Sun 21st May 2017

Creative Drawing – Allegories of Modernism
A series of drawing classes by internationally acclaimed tutor Linda Sabbage.

This intensive and academic six week drawing course presents introductions to alternative drawing methods and techniques using modernist artists to focus and develop each student’s individual creativity.

Mediums will include; wax, dyes, inks oils, charcoal, compressed pastels, erasers, papers, strings, natural materials as well as traditional drawing tools such as pencils and pens.

This class is suitable for anyone over 16 with a passion for art, regardless of ability. It will be a thrilling, liberating and exciting experience firmly rooted in Modernism, allowing each student to self-express. The whole course runs for 6 weeks commencing on Sunday 21st May and can be taken either as a whole course, or as a single classes.


Sunday 21st May


Whole course is $225 (37.50 per class)
or $50 per class


10.00am – 1.00pm

Class 1 – Paul Klee – Taking a line for a walk

Paul Klee, variously associated with expressionism, cubism, futurism, surrealism and abstraction, although his pictures are difficult to classify, often used geometric forms as well as letters, numbers, and arrows, and combined them with figures of animals and people In this class you will look at the line, taking it for a walk, seeing where it goes and what shapes and forms you start creating. This class will be a discovery of your own lines, patterns and formation  in a fun and upbeat session.

About Linda Sabbage

Linda Sabbage was formally educated at Elam School of Fine Arts, New Zealand. She then went on to obtain a teaching degree from the University of Auckland. Linda has taught extensively throughout New Zealand and Europe and has received worldwide recognition for her talents as a tutor.  She won the Australasian teacher of the year award and then went onto win the prestigious Woolf Fischer Fellowship award, awarded to only 30 people since the 1960s. Linda’s students in Queens College Spain came top in the world for the Cambridge Schools art programme twice and three times top in Spain.