Contemporary Art – Metaphors for Modernism

with Linda Sabbage

Currently on until:
Sun 12th Nov 2017

Over 6 weeks, artist and tutor Linda Sabbage will introduce you to contemporary art methods and techniques using modernist artists to focus and develop your creativity. Technical application of mediums  include wax, dyes, inks oils, charcoal, compressed pastels, erasers, papers, strings, natural materials, as well as traditional drawing tools such as pencils pens, paints, thinners, gels, shellac, canvas, paper card and ground materials.

This class is suitable for anyone over 16 with a passion for art, regardless of ability. It will be a thrilling, liberating and exciting experience firmly rooted in Modernism, allowing each student to self-express. Bring all of your own materials, including an art journal and sketchbook. The full list of materials will be given at the first class.

The course runs for 6 weeks from Sunday 1 October to 14th November excluding Labour Weekend; enrolments are taken for the whole course only. 


Week 1 – Making art is a journey

Using the imagination and a sense of playfulness you will use charcoal, inks and paint to ‘learn to see’ again. Using figures as a primary source, the process will develop gesture and continuous line work. Study artists include Lucian Freud, Frances Bacon and Picasso.

Week 2 – Constructed intimacies 

An exciting and expressive class to develop your  processes of mass, line and sustained gesture using ‘constructed intimacies.’ This will include wet and dry materials, signifies and narrative. Focus artists include Hoteve, Basquiat, Haring and McCahon.

Week 3 – Compelling compositional investigations 

The emphasis is on collage and geometric forms using wet and dry materials. Spero, Richter, Klee and Rauschenburg are the study artists.

Week 4 – Creativity is a risky business 

In this class you will develop the ability to throw planning out the window and involve yourself in art risk taking. Emphasis will be on allowing the materials to dictate the mark-making outcome. Study artists are Giacometti, Rauschenburg and DeKooning.

Week 5 -Language is all 

Using your inner passionate voice to express poetry, humour, activism or protest through  individual creative art outcomes. Hoteve, McCahon, Having, Spero and Freud are the study artists.

Week 6 – Resolution

The final resolution of these exciting and motivating art making sessions. Concentration will be on role models used during the course and materials of choice. There will be display, debate and discussion of final work. Bring your whanau for the discussion!