Make Your Own – Mugs!

Marilyn Wheeler

Make Your Own Series – Set of 4 Mugs

Think pattern cutting! This workshop uses templates which you place over flat clay and like pattern cutting, cut out the pieces and fix them together. You can use one template for all 4 mugs keeping things uniformed, make variations from the same template or use a different template for each mug, up to you. You can texture your mugs or choose to do all your decoration with pigments. Simple, experimental and fun!

After constructing your handmade mugs you are free to decorate using underglazes and stains. You can decorate using block colour, illustration, spots, stripes, pattern or use some of your favorite imagery and colour to your home deco.

We are ambitiously aiming to make 4 mugs in this workshops but handled mugs may take longer so please be aware that depending on the speed you work at, you may only have 2 finished. You will have the knowledge to finish off the any others during our Casual Clay group.

Suitable for 14yrs

What to bring

Just yourself and some comfortable older clothes is perfect. Some idea of how you would like to decorate your mugs would be advantageous, so maybe bring some examples of textures to transfer onto the clay, illustrations or images you may like to use.