Playing with Paint – Class 1 – Jean-Michel Basquiat

with Linda Sabbage

Currently on until:
Sun 21st May 2017

Playing with Paint – Inspirations from Modernism
Linda Sabbage will take you through the US Modern Art scene in a series of thrilling paint classes.

Class 1 – Jean-Michel Basquiat

Looking at the vibrant and bold techniques from Jean-Michel Basquiat, this class will have you exploring your own art narrative, how we discover our art self with a look of self portraiture.
This class will conclude with the discussion of using art journals as a repository of your experiences.

The course

This experimental, upbeat and vibrant course is suitable for art lovers of all generations over the age of 16. It is an exciting opportunity for out of the box visual exploration, self-expression and a place to have fun, play, create, experiment and explore Modernism through media and art techniques. The whole course runs for 6 weeks commencing on Sunday afternoon on the 21st May. It can be taken either as a whole course, or as single classes.


Paints, dyes, inks, markers, canvas, wood & found materials, spray paints, brushes, figures, hands, bodies and a whole lot more.


Each week a different experimental artist will be used as a focus in order to explore their visual narratives and media / art techniques. Emphasis will be on the American artists of the 50s – 80s but references will be made to NZ artists using similar techniques.

About Linda Sabbage

Linda Sabbage was formally educated at Elam School of Fine Arts, New Zealand. She then went on to obtain a teaching degree from the University of Auckland. Linda has taught extensively throughout New Zealand and Europe and has received worldwide recognition for her talents as a tutor.  She won the Australasian teacher of the year award and then went onto win the prestigious Woolf Fischer Fellowship award, awarded to only 30 people since the 1960s. Linda’s students from Queens College Spain came top in the world for the Cambridge Schools art programme twice and three times top in Spain.



Sunday 21st May


2.00pm – 5.00pm


Whole 6 week course $225 (37.50 per class)
$50 per class
or $75 for whole Sunday including morning drawing class and afternoon painting class.