Slip Casting & Press Moulding – May

Richard Darbyshire

Currently on until:
Sat 20th May 2017

Saturday 20th May 10.00am – 4.00pm
$90 including slip only
Ever wondered how to repeat the perfect form time after time? Slip casting and press moulding are two techniques where you can do just that. Using negative plaster moulds, this course will teach you these two techniques to short cut your way to perfection!

What You Will Learn

This course will teach you how to cast clay slip in moulds and rework them so that they look seamless. It will also cover press moulding, a technique where you roll out clay and press it into the two halves of the mould and stick it together. The trick is to get it the right dryness to put together and hold it’s form! This is a great technique for repeating shape or using as a component part within a piece of sculptural work. 

About Richard

Richard Darbyshire has extensive experience in art education, with over 10 years tertiary tutor experience at Hungry Creek Art & Craft School. He has engaged study at post graduate level, a degree in applied arts and two diplomas. Richard’s extensive art background and education means he is a highly skilled artist and we are lucky to have him here at The Quarry Arts Centre as one of our resident studio holders.

Richard works through a wide range of ceramic technique. From production pottery through to high end ceramic art. He uses a variety of throwing, slab work, slip casting, assemblage and hand-building techniques with a range of surface treatments and applications, from slips through to glazes in his work.

Richard’s own art practices, material, technical knowledge and tutoring experience, means he can see the aims of his students and be able to offer up the best guidance and advice to realise them.