Terms & Conditions

Open Ceramics Awards 2020

Entry Guidelines

• One entry submission per entry fee ($40.00).
• Entry should have been made in the last calendar year and can be a vessel, sculpture or other creation.
• “Emerging Artist” is defined as an artist exhibiting ceramics in a National Show for the first time.
• All entries must be accompanied by with a fully completed entry form and payment.
• All deadline dates and judges decisions are final.

Submission Details

Each submission must be accompanied by with a completed entry form which includes:

• Three images of the work – high resolution which can be used in a Gallery catalogue.
• Dimensions of the work
• Assembly and display instructions
• Sale price
• Entry fee paid by 25th September

We will notify artists of their selection by Friday 2nd October. There will be 3 weeks to deliver your work to Quarry Arts Centre.

Packaging and sending work

All work must be well protected and packaged securely. The Northland Craft Trust takes no responsibility for inadequately packaged work. We will perform a condition report on all work as it is unpacked.

Selling work

We encourage you to have your work for sale. Please be aware that the Quarry Arts Centre will deduct 30% from the retail price as commission.

The winning piece can be available for sale (QAC will not purchase winners).

To enter, choose one of the following options:

• Fill in the online form along with uploaded images


• Email the completed form and images to: creative@quarryarts.org


• Post the completed form with images to: Quarry Arts Centre, 21 Selwyn Ave, Whangarei, 0110


• Drop the completed form with images to us in person at the above address during office hours.

All entry fees may be paid by bank transfer, online banking, or in person cash/eftpos.

Amount: $40.00
Account name: Northland Craft Trust
Account number: 12-3115-0168720-00
“Particulars” = Artist Name, “Code” = entryfee and “Reference” = OC Award

Returned work

We will aim to have all unsold returned by December 11. Artists will be invoiced for the courier costs.


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