Big Sky by Linda Cook & Aya Awakening by Jacqueline Seymour Hall

Linda Cook and Jacqueline Seymour Hall

Fri 18th Jan 2019 until
Sat 9th Feb 2019

About the Exhibition

Beautiful paintings by Linda Cook, and delicate porcelain by Jacqueline Seymour-Hall. These two artists’ work, while unrelated, compliment each other well.

Cook’s paintings and prints focus on looking upwards and outwards, as her theme “Big Sky” invites the viewer to contemplate the beauty and vastness of what is above us all, rather than get lost in the mundane, depressing and disturbing world we see in the media.  “I choose to lift my eyes to the sky and my heart lifts, it’s bigger, it is beyond my comprehension, the sublime delight of nature allows me to escape the now, the past, and the fears of the future; there is beauty, if only I look.”

Seymour-Hall’s porcelain figures have an other-worldly quality, and appear to have arrived quite by accident from some delightful far-flung place. Jacqueline’s careful, painstaking treatment of her figures with metallic lustre glazes is unique, and lends them an ethereal, timeless quality.

Opening Friday January 18th at 5pm, the exhibition runs in the Yvonne Rust Gallery until Saturday the 9th of February.

About the Artist

LINDA COOK: I have long been fascinated by the ‘Sublime’.  That delightful terror which transcends our understanding, our control, our very being.  In these paintings, I have tried to capture some of the essence of Whangarei’s big sky, the greatness and beauty that exists in nature continues in our world every day – despite ourselves. Paint is a wonderful material, it smooshes around converting an empty space into an engaging field of colour.  As painters, we push it, model it, sculpt it and look for the image to emerge – the key is, to recognise that hidden truth as it shows itself pushing forward from the empty space and there we must stop, and look.

Linda studied art history and visual communications, majoring in Painting. She has exhibited widely and extensively over the past 20 years in both group and solo exhibitions. Her work in painting and photography has been acknowledged multiple times in various awards and competitions.


JACQUELINE SEYMOUR-HALL:  Jacqueline’s embellished figurines are lovingly hand-crafted in delicate porcelain, followed by multiple firings for the various layers of lustre glazes she applies by hand. Jacqueline has been creating this body of work for over 2 years.

Jacqueline has been working with clay for the past 40 years. She has worked in every area of clay making: working with firings in diesel, gas wood, salt, pit and electricity. Jacqueline worked in the Dominican Republic, contracted to the making of 16th century tiles and bench tiles for the famous Altos de Chavon artist village. She also taught pottery classes and worked with resident artists. She recently became a finalist in the prestigious 2018 Portage Ceramic Awards, and although her work sold, it can be viewed at Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery (the old Lopdell House).