Chromatic Journey – Paintings of M Francis McCarthy

M Francis McCarthy

Fri 22nd Jun 2018 until
Tue 10th Jul 2018

About the Exhibition

M Francis McCarthy creates emotive paintings that capture the poetic spirit of the landscape.  These paintings harken back to previous eras, while capturing the essence of a modern aesthetic.

Michael has upped the ante with his latest range of paintings, which are rich with colour and depth.  These sometimes mysterious scenes offer suggestions of narratives, and glimpses of memories. His work will be on show at The Yvonne Rust Gallery at the Quarry Arts Centre from 21 June until 10 July, with an opening event on Friday 22 June, 5pm.


About the Artist

Artist: M Francis McCarthy

‘I have a life-long love of art and have self-trained in many different media. From 1998 to 2010, I worked as an art director and in-house illustrator for a company that produced apparel and other items, sold in department stores, zoos, national parks and Starbucks coffee. There I created art in many different styles and mediums. In 2006 I started painting landscape’s on the computer, I eventually gave up trying to paint with a computer altogether and began working with oils on canvas.  Later, I began painting directly on to prepared wood panels. I feel that every painting that I do should have a beautiful sky. The skies I render contributes strongly to the emotion and impact of my paintings.’