Guide to Another Dimension

Vjekoslav Nemesh

Thu 10th May 2018 until
Thu 24th May 2018

About the Exhibition

This body of work is a continuation of Nemesh’s Interdimensional collection, bridging to his Genie Collection. Nemesh’s belief that artists are able to reach other dimensions or frequencies through their creative process is clearly evident in this work.  Nemesh is interested in joining the spiritual with Science Fiction, to guide your imagination into uncharted territory.

Nemesh is holding a live demo as part of the opening event, so come along to watch him work on Thursday the 10th of May from 3 til 6.

Exhibition runs 10th May-24th of May at The Yvonne Rust Gallery.

Nemesh is also running an oil painting workshop in the gallery on the 19th and 20th of May. $135 for one day, or $250 for both. Contact Nemesh for more information and to book, 0212244443 or