Learning – Drawings by Pete Cernis

Pete Cernis

Sun 16th Jun 2019 until
Sat 6th Jul 2019

About the Exhibition

Accomplished artist Pete Cernis brings a selection of beautifully executed drawings and paintings to the Yvonne Rust Gallery.

“All artists strive to learn and this exhibition is in recognition of the ‘long toil’ we all undertake towards self expression.
As a snapshot of my learning I have included charcoal studies after Rembrandt, Vermeer and Goldie whose works
guide in identifying, acquiring and refining techniques while improving dexterity and material knowledge. There are
life drawing studies – one of the finest disciplines for training the artists eye and sensitivity of line. Other pieces
move towards composing with light while pointing to the learning yet to do.”
Pete Cernis Russell, March 2019

Please note that there is no opening event for this exhibition.

About the Artist

“My thanks go to The Florence Academy, London Academy of Representational Art (LARA) and Camberwell for my formal training and to those artist/teachers (most notably Karn Holly and Martin Yeoman) for showing me how they ‘see’.

However…..they are just a few of the ingredients.

Fellow Royal Society of Arts ( FRSA ). Master degrees in business, science and art (MBA, MSc, MA). Teacher in the fundamentals of drawing.

Home is Russell,  Bay of Islands,  New Zealand.”