Quantum Entanglement in the Ice Cream Aisle

Felicity Fahy

Thu 18th Oct 2018 until
Mon 5th Nov 2018

About the Exhibition

Felicity Fahy presents her large abstract paintings in the Yvonne Rust Gallery.

With this work, Felicity considers that we are infinitely connected at the quantum level. We often remain unaware of this until we think of a friend – they text, or a particular place calls us to visit. The sand between our toes reminds us we are part of this earth.

The inter-play of life at a quantum level incited these paintings…girl meets boy…girl meets girl…boy meets boy in the ice cream aisle…I’ve never met you before but you’re so familiar…?

18th October – 5th November.

Opening event Saturday the 20th of October at 2pm.