The Great Plate 2018

Fri 13th Jul 2018 until
Mon 30th Jul 2018

About the Exhibition

It’s Great Plate time. This is 10th annual show, so we’ve gone bigger and better than ever  –  more participating artists, and they are pulling out all the stops with their creations.

Join us on Friday 13 July  from 5:30 to get a first view at the plates, enjoy some light refreshments and live music. Then get bidding on TradeMe! This year we also have a closing function on Monday 23 July to watch those last minute bidding wars.

This year visitors will be invited to vote for their favourite plate, with a prize going to People’s Choice.

Contributing artists include: Alex Moyse, Alan Thomas, Ali Goodman, Anna Scott Davidson, Anneke Borren, Anneke Muijlwyjik, Carl Hunton, Carol Robinson, Charlie Parker, Chuck Joseph, Dell Pryor, Desi Hirner, Dulcie Draper, Dulcie Hering, Duncan Shearer, Elena Renker, Els Van Drunen, Evan Heasman, Faye Garlik, Fiona Tunnicliffe, Hana Ott, Jane Cunningham, Jane McCulla, Jane Whiting, Janine Whitelaw, Jen Crundwell, Jenny Bennet, Jenny Shearer, Jess Paraone, Joan Emery, John Parker, Julie Cromwell, Karen Irwin, Kathryn Barry, Katy McLean, Kay Godfinch, Kirsty Gardiner, Kristin Kay, Lianne Blair, Linda Sabbage, Louise Rive, Mako, Marilyn Wheeler, Martha Mitchell, Maxine McClenaghan, Mike Regan, Nemesh, Nicky Jolly, Olivia Mitten, Oodee Eliat, Pat George , Phil Buffet McKibbin, Richard Darbyshire, Richard Robinson, Richard Stratton, Rod and Wendy Cunliffe, Ros Craw ,Rosie Parsonson, Sally Spicer, Samantha Minnery, Sheryl O’Gorman, Sid Ware, Stacy Morrison, Steve Haywood, Sue Dinkelacker, Susie Rogers, Trish Clarke, Victor Te Pa, Wendy Naepflin, Yoshikazu Kito, Murray Robertson…and more!