Kiln Firing FAQ

Firings at the Quarry

The Quarry Arts Centre offers firings of pottery in our community kilns.  Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

What kinds of firings are on offer?

Bisque – 900°
Low fire glaze – 1060°
High fire glaze – 1200°

How often do the firings happen?

Kiln firings do not happen on fixed days and instead wait for a full kiln before firing starts. Turnaround time varies depending on the work coming in, which occasionally can take up to a month. Generally, firings are often ready in 14 working days. This process will not be rushed for any artist, so plan ahead for your work.

How do I prepare my work for firing?

All work is required to have the following:

  • Clear description of the works and the number of pieces
  • List types of glaze used and recommended temperature/cone.
  • List types of clay/brand used
  • Potters mark/initials underneath each work.
  • Each piece is bone dry, with NO glaze underneath (glaze underneath will damage the kiln shelving and the repair will be charged to the artist ($70 for clean up, $200 for shelf replacement).
  • Take a photo of work for easy collection.

 How do I handover work for firing and what is the process?

  • Bring your pieces to the Quarry Office, on a Monday or Tuesday.
  • Read, fill in and sign in the required forms.
  • Take a photo of your work.
  • Take your form and pieces to the kiln to give to the kiln staff. Please hand these over personally before you leave site.

What costs are involved?

Cost of firing is determined by shelf size and temperature of firing.

Each kiln shelf is 45cm x 60cm (4 x A4 pieces of paper)

Objects up to 10cm

Bisque = $16 per shelf (1/4 shelf = $4)

Low and High Glaze = $24 (1/4 shelf = $6)

Objects over 10cm

Bisque = $32 per shelf (1/4 shelf = $8)

Low and High Glaze = $48 (1/4 shelf = $12)

Final cost will be determined by kiln staff and is to be paid when the work is handed in.

Damage to kiln: It is the artist’s responsibility to make sure the work does not damage the kiln shelves. If damage to the shelf occurs, the artist will be liable to pay for the damage ($70 for clean-up, $200 for shelf replacement).

What are other things to be mindful of?

  • All care and no responsibility is taken by the Quarry Arts Centre for lost and damaged work.
  • If for any reason the Kiln Staff deem your work unsuitable for the kiln you will be notified to collect it.
  • Your work must be collected within 10 days of being contacted. After two weeks the items are removed to outside storage.

For further details please contact the Shop on (09) 438 1215 or email