Michael Francis McCarthy – Painter

"I have had a lifelong interest in art. I started pursuing drawing mastery in earnest at the age of 13. "

With oil paint, Michael conveys his deepest inner vision through the vehicle of landscape painting, a process that begins with nature and ends with a revealing expression of nature. His work is greatly influenced by tonalism – the poetic interpretation in paint of an emotive response to the landscape.

His paintings leave an unforgettable feeling in the viewer.  Michael’s work is highly intuitive. Applying layers of paint to hard wood panels from kauri or rimu, he gradually builds the panels from a deep sienna foundation to transparent, yet luminous shadows before rendering the lightest oil colours in delicate glazes.

Michael has had a life-long interest in painting. His career began as a commercial artist and illustrator. He found commercial art fulfilling but longed to express deeper feelings and ideas through the medium of landscaping and in 2006 he began teaching himself to paint in oil.

Michael was born in San Diego, and until recently lived in San Jose, Northern California. He has been a studio holder at the Quarry Arts Centre since 2011.