Richard Darbyshire – Painter, ceramic artist

"There's something exciting happening in Northland, and we want to be right at the centre of it."

Richard is a working artist who exhibits new work every year, in  solo and group shows. He worked as a potter for ten years, and continues to create ceramic artworks.

Richard’s perspectives on life, community, politics and environment are discussed within his work. Not wanting to force his opinion on others, Richard prefers to pose questions through the images he captures in his paintings, the titles of his exhibitions or the fine handmade details of his ceramic work: what are your values? where to do sit on this issue? what’s the edge of our comfort zone?

Of his own work, Richard says, “nothing is too important that it can’t be pulled down a peg or two.” Sometimes tongue-in-cheek and at times challenging, Richard’s work indefinably projects a sense of humor for those who are prepared to giggle at society, poke fun at political issues and laugh at themselves.

Richard’s education has refined his skills in his craft. He has a Diploma in 3D Design (ceramics major) from Waikato Polytechnic, a Diploma in Art and Craft (Advanced) (painting major) from Hungry Creek Art and Craft School, and a Bachelor in Applied Arts from NorthTec, Whangarei.

Richard sometimes works in collaboration with Rosie Parsonson.