Robert Carter – Interdisciplinary artist

"We can learn a lot about our culture by looking at what we throw away. “

Robert Carter has attracted the title of “Mad Professor” from his neighbours at The Quarry. And with good cause! His art focuses on discarded and found objects – a practice that began initially for reasons of economy but has now become the thread of his work. Recent acquisitions include discarded exercycles, telephones, radio valves, projectors, video games and gas cylinders. He uses electronics, coding, sound, movement and performance to give new life and a humorous sensibility to these objects – gathering, dismantling and re-inventing.
Rob says “I’m searching for ways to revive the dead, respect the old, and find humility in the consumer onslaught.” He’s always keen to add to his collection, so contact him if you have something you think might appeal to him (021 421129).
You can see images and videos of his recent work at  or by dropping by studio 3 at The Quarry.
Rob is a board member of the Aotearoa Digital Arts Network (ADA).