The Woodies

The Woodies use their club rooms at the Quarry Arts Centre to share, develop and learn the art of working with wood.

The Northland Woodworkers and Woodturners Club promotes the craft of working in wood. Its members produce some spectacular work, give tutorials on working in wood, and hold an annual exhibition. Members’ work can be purchased the at Quarry Craft Co-op shop.

The Woodies is an active club that meets weekly on a Tuesday evening. Meetings can be hands-on, with members using the six lathes, or special demonstrations of techniques. The meetings are a great way to increase and share knowledge and skills with like-minded people.

The Woodies also volunteer their stills and time to create and donate wig-stands to the local Cancer Society for women  affected by chemotherapy treatment.

Anyone  is welcome to come along and visit on a club night. Contact the club for more information:

Jim Maloney
09 434 0047

Jenny de Weyer
09 432 2066