The Quarry Ceramics Shop sells a wide range of glazes and underglazes. We are New Zealand’s only supplier for Amaco glazing products. We can order your choice if we do not have it in stock. Visit the shop or contact us  ( to order and for pricing in $NZD; we can courier products to your door.

Amaco glaze range

The Amaco glaze range is available exclusively through the Quarry Ceramics Shop. These glazes are all suitable for cones 5/6, and for firing to 1200°.

Potter’s Choice

Add fluid colours and effects to smooth or textured ware, reduced effects in oxidation. View the Potter’s Choice range of colours here.

Sahara and Celebration

Produces interesting effects in both oxidation and reduction;  should be brush-applied to bisque ware fired to Cone 04 for best results; reliable glaze for stoneware and porcelain; dinnerware safe. View the Sahara and Celebration range of colours here.


Glossy, transparent, pool well; add accents to textured and carved surfaces; mixable colours for custom palette; food safe. View the Celadon range of colours here.


Traditional high-iron look to any high fire clay body; suitable for red or white clay; mixable to get gloss or matte variations; food safe. View the Shino range of colours here.

Satin Matte

Break slightly over edges and texture; 100% mixable (except for Orange and Red); use Clear Satin to lighten color tones, Satin Black to create shades, and Satin White to create tints; food safe. View the Satin Matte range of colours here.

Velvet underglaze

Fire true to colour as high as Cone 10; appear as velvet finish if left unglazed, but transparent matte or clear gloss intensify colour; easily applied to wet clay, greenware or mature cone 04 bisque; food safe with proper glaze; sprayable. View the Velvet underglaze range of colours here.


Colourful and lustrous effects when reduced in proper Raku firing. View the Raku range of colours here.