Ceramics facilities

The Quarry Arts Centre offers full facilities for working in ceramics – from purchasing clay and materials, to different firing options.

Pottery Room

We offer ceramic facilities to the community in our communal pottery room. The Pottery Room houses numerous pottery wheels, slab roller, bat, board, wedging tables and various other equipment and tools. The Pottery Room is used for workshops and classes, and is reserved almost every Tuesday for casual users. The Pottery Room is available for hire or individual use; to discuss room use or booking, please contact us.


We have 2 electric kilns, complete with furniture and staff to assist with loading, programming and unloading. The kilns can be booked for an individual firing (with bisque or glaze firing rate) or if you just have a few pieces we can organise a shared firing dividing the cost and the space between a number of contributing potters. Contact us for further information and bookings.

In 2017 we built ‘Sweaty Betty’, a substantial wood-fired kiln. We hold firings several times a year, advertised through the newsletter. Other wood firings are permitted if they fit within our firing guidelines, considered by our  Kiln Manager.

The Quarry also has a fire brick pad suitable for above ground pit-firing, raku, or small temporary firing structures, such as tee-pee kiln, turf-kiln, bath-tub.