Exhibit at the Quarry

The Quarry is a space to showcase, promote and distribute your art. Whether it is in the grounds, in the Yvonne Rust Gallery or the New Gallery as part of a group show or solo exhibition, you can display your work to the local community.

Talk to us about your idea, and we’ll see how we can work together to make it a reality. Quarry staff are experienced in the set-up and promotion of works and are on hand to assist if required.

The Yvonne Rust Gallery

This is the major indoor exhibition space, refurbished in 2011. It is the venue for regular Quarry Group Shows, where local artists can submit work on a theme, such as ‘Illuminart’ or ‘Day of the Dead’. These shows are popular in the local community, and are a great way for artists to interact with each other and art lovers. The Gallery can host solo exhibitions – a great opportunity for artists to use an exhibition space to explore their creativity.

The New Gallery

This space opened in late 2017. It is a small and intimate area, perfect for the display of lovely objects and other works.

The Rust Ramble

The Quarry grounds are an outdoor gallery, ideal for larger pieces or objects best seen outside. The buildings are distinctive, and the nature of the grounds unique: textured and moulded structures,  bush-covered cliffs, interesting landforms, waterways, an abundance of birdlife, and gently-rusting machinery left over from the site’s days as a working quarry. The grounds are a truly exciting and evocative venue for any artist.