240101 Beginners Ceramics Complete Package – Special Deal!



We are very excited to offer for the first time a complete beginner’s starter package with everything you need to immerse in ceramics.

Package includes:

  • Hand building workshop (tutored
  • Pottery wheel workshop (tutored)
  •  Two glazing workshops (tutored)
  • Casual clay studio passes (untutored)
  • Personal booking service
  • Free cancellation and rebooking
  • 10kg clay

All of these are available for individual purchase (total value normally $413).  As a package you save $114!

Not sure which sequence to attend which workshop?  No problem, our team will help advise and guide you on the different learning pathways and combinations you can enjoy.

Important to know: Handbuilding, pottery wheel and glazing workshops are held only on weekend’s at this stage.  See further below for more important information.

Buying for yourself?

Within 1-2 business days we will contact you and provide a list of workshops and dates.  Simply contact us to confirm your preferred dates.

Buying for someone else?

If you are purchasing as a gift, within 1-2 business days we will contact you to get details of the gift recipient.  We can provide you with a gift certificate and booklet with the package details.  We capture the details of the recipient so that we know who they are when they are ready to start booking dates.  The gift recipient will not be contacted until you tell us, or they contact us.

Full details of the package inclusions and important things to know

Hand building workshop (value $100)

Learn all the basic fundamental techniques of working with clay and handbuilding objects.  These are available monthly on a Saturday from 10am to 3pm (usually the first Saturday from February to December).  Workshop includes all materials and tools, expert tuition, kiln firing, tea/coffee.

Pottery wheel workshop (value $140)

Learn all the basic fundamental techniques of working the pottery wheel.  Held over two days – Part 1: Saturday, Part 2: Sunday.  These two day sessions are available monthly 10am to 1pm (usually the second weekend February to December). Workshop includes all materials and tools, expert tuition, kiln firing, tea/coffee. This is where your package includes a 10kg bag of premium clay that is usually purchased separately by attendees – for you, it’s included!

Two glazing workshops (value $100)

Yes, not one but two glazing workshops!  Glazing workshops are usually held on the second Saturday each month after the wheel workshop from 2pm to 4pm.

We recommend learning the basic glazing techniques in your first workshop, and then you can glaze pottery you have made in the second workshop. Your first glaze workshop can be attended prior to any of the other workshops.

Casual clay studio passes (value $20)

The package includes two casual clay studio sessions.  These are untutored sessions where you get to use the ceramic room facilities to practice and continue creating.  We recommend attending either the wheel or handbuilding workshop first.

Casual clay sessions are usually available on Tuesday’s, Wed or Thu, Friday afternoons and selected Saturday’s. Check with us for dates and booking.

Personal booking service

Contact us (usually via email) and we will let you know available dates.  We will then book you directly into workshops.  Book one or book them all. Not sure which sequence to attend which workshop?  No problem, our team will help advise and guide you on the different learning pathways and combinations you can enjoy.

Need to cancel?  Let us know as soon as you can and we will rebook you into the next available workshop.  If certain workshops are full, you are first on the list to be notifed of a vacancy.

10kg premium clay

For our wheel workshops we recommend premium clays suggested by our expert tutor.  Usually you will redeem the clay for your wheel workshop, however, you can redeem your clay in-store any time.  If you redeem your clay before the workshop, please be aware that you will need to bring approximately 5 kg of your clay to the workshop, or purchase additional clay at the usual retail price.


Workshops must be booked and completed during 2024.  However, subject to timing of your other workshops, the glazing workshops and casual clay studio sessions can be redeemed up to 31 March 2025. Unused package components cannot be exchanged for cash or store credit unless at our discretion.  In some special situations, we may extend your offer to 20/12/2025 for an additional fee representing price increases in the underlying costs of the service over the two years.  This fee would be capped at 20% of the original package cost.

If we are unable to match workshop dates with your availability through 2024, please refer above.  We will do our best to help.

If for some reason we are unable to provide all the promised goods/services as expected, then we will offer you the most equivilent workshops at similar value.  If we are unable to offer an equivilent workshop, we will provide the value of the unused package component as store credit for purchase through the Quarry Arts Centre ceramic/art supply shop.

Need to change your booking date?  No problem, just contact us as soon as possible and we will reschedule you to the next available date. If an upcoming workshop is full, package holders will receive priority access to any vacancies.

The Quarry Arts Centre is a registered charitable trust.  We are passionate about assisting people to engage in the arts.  We are not a commercial “for profit” business and make every effort to provide you the best service we can as a partly funded community arts organisation.

Need more help?  Just email workshops@quarryarts.org


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