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Intro to Glazing: Saturday 15th April

This course is for those wishing to learn about basic glaze principles and application techniques. Please note that slips and underglazes are covered in the beginners clay class. which you might want to cover first.
10.00am – 1.00pm
$50 (including $25 for the course and $25 for materials)

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Personal Coat of Arms

Personalise your own coat of arms with what represents you.
for children aged 7 and over
2.00pm – 4.00pm

In the gallery


Karen Irwin and Dell Pryor, two of our talented studio holders, showcase the latest collection of their work.

Welcome to the Quarry Arts Centre

The Quarry Arts Centre is a community facility dedicated to the pursuit, development and display of creative practice.

The Centre provides a venue for artists to create, exhibit, discuss and advance their art. It is also a venue for art lovers to observe and share the creative experience in a tranquil, park-like setting just out of central Whangarei.

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Our History

Artist, potter and teacher Yvonne Rust had a vision of an arts centre where Northland artists could explore and develop their use of local materials in an inspirational and unique environment.